What’s Most Important About A Brush – The Bristles

Let me be the first to tell you that not all brushes are created equal. Some shaving brushes will not work as well as others that are made out of the right materials. If you are able to use a good shaving brush after having used one made out of poor quality materials. You will be able to tell there is a great difference in the lather and way the brush makes your face feel.

A good brush is used more than to just apply lather to the face but also will help clean, exfoliate, and protect the skin. The right brush will allow you to make good lather and the benefits of making a great lather will give you the best shave possible.

To know what is most important about a shaving brush you will need to know that brushes are comprised of two parts – the bristles and the handle. The bristles are the crucial part of the brush. But be careful not to ignore the handle part or you might wish you bought a different brush later.

Bristles today are made out of many different types of materials. These materials will fall into two categories – natural and synthetic. Natural bristles will be either horse, boar, and badger. Badger always being the preferred source for shaving brush bristles. Synthetics bristles can be made of different things like – luma and nylon. Synthetics bristles are the least preferred for performance.

When comes down to the bristles the answer is – Badger. Choosing a shaving brush that utilizes badger hair is the best choice. There are four different types of badger hair brushes to chose from – pure badger, best badger, silver tip badger, and then there are blended brushes the use different amounts of the first three. Why is badger hair the best to use for shaving brush bristles? Because it holds water the best – which allows for better lather making and leaves the face feeling nice and smooth.