What Makes A Good Shaving Brush – The Handle

What makes a good shaving brush? Is the number one question you would need to know the answer to – when buying your first shaving brush. Many people out there think that a brush is a brush and it doesn’t matter which one you get. Or they might think the most expense brush has got to be the best one.

Now to understand what makes a good shaving brush we will need to know the anatomy of the brush. Your brush is made of two main parts – the handle and the bristles. Out of the two the bristles are the most important part if you chose a brush made of inexpensive synthetic bristles you may find your lather to be less than satisfactory.

Lets focus on the handle part first. Some say that when it comes to choosing a handle. That it doesn’t really matter which one you get. Just make sure you get one that you like or one that matches your shaving set. It is true you should get a design that you like and it is a good idea to get one that matches your shaving set.

But there are a couple of things you will want to consider when purchasing a brush when it comes to the handle. First look at the handle size make sure it feels good in your hand. If you ignore this part you may find it to be uncomfortable later in use.

Next consider what the handle is made of. Wood is a common choice and can be a good idea. But with improper care especially painted wood it can split over time. But you will not have to worry about that if you let it dry properly in the bristles down position.

Other harder materials are good but some have been known to break shaving mugs if you drop the brush into the mug. On a more positive note if your drop your expensive brush on a hard surface like the floor – it should break if it’s made of a harder material.