Shaving Mugs

The shaving mug is an essential and convenient tool when combine with shaving soap to make lather for a great shaving experience. Before there were cans of shaving cream that simply dispense ready to use cream for shaving. Men and women would use different types of soap to make a foamy substance called lather to shave with.

These shaving mugs look like a normal drinking mug. But aren’t as deep and are about an inch wider – almost like a small bowl. When it comes to Shaving Mugpurchasing a shaving mug you may find that there really isn’t going to be one mug that’s better than any other mug.

The main thing to look for is a shaving mug that you like. In most cases we suggest that you chose a mug that matches the other shaving items that you use. Most of the time you can find full shaving sets that will come with matching – razor, mug, brush, and stand.

Many of us think that the only people that would need to use shaving soaps and mugs are those who use straight razors. This is not true straight razor shaving is not for everyone. But most of us have to shave on a daily basis still. The cheapest and best lather comes from using a good shaving soap.

Purchasing someone a shaving mug with soap and brush is a great gift idea for just about anyone you know. Shaving mugs can come in many different colors and designs on them and can really tell you about the person that uses it.

You might find mugs that have a nice wood grain rustic look to it. Or a mug that is monogrammed to say something special on it. The possibilities are almost limitless. You can special ordered a mug to use as a special gift to show how well you really know someone when it comes in with pictures of their favorite person, place, or thing on it.