How To Make A Great Shaving Lather

For most of us when it comes to shaving the goal is to get the hair off of your face or other areas that you would like to be hair free. With this frame of mind you may not put much thought into the before and after shave moments. Like when your are applying the shaving cream or afterwards if you applied aftershave. But to some of us shaving is a time honored tradition that we do on a routine basis were its just you and the razor and every step is taken into consideration. Many do not known that the pre-shave moments during the time that you are applying the shave cream to your face is a very crucial part of the shaving process.

To get the best shave you will need to get the best lather. Getting the best lather you can on your face will give you good protection from the blade, lubrication so the blade can move smoothly over your skin, and getting the lather right will allow the soap to properly moisturize and exfoliate the skin. To get the best lather we recommend that you use a shaving brush that utilizes badger hair for the bristle load part of the brush. With a good shaving soap instead of shaving cream. A good soap will use ingredients that help make a moist rich lather. That will moisturize the face, lubricate well, and soften the beard.

Now on to the good apart. When it comes to making a good lather you will want to turn your hot water on and let it get as hot as it can. Next – put the brush in the water and turn it slowly so that the brush becomes fully permeated with the hot water. Remove the brush from the water. Some of the water will drip off. But do not flick any of the water out of the brush. It will need to hold as much water as it can.

Next – Use only ends of the bristles of the brush – begin swirling around the top of the shaving soap in your soap mug. Do not press down on the soap here. Just use the tips of the brush. At this part many people think they are trying to make lather in the mug this is not the goal. The goal here is to permeate the end of the brush with soap. Stop when you begin to see lather in the mug. This means there is enough soap at the end of the brush to shave with.

Now we are almost ready to shave. Make sure your face is still warm and wet and the brush should be warm and full of soap and water. You will now want to apply the soap to your face. Begin with slow circular motion around your face only allow the tips of the brush to contact your face. Do not hurry through this time. Build the lather on your face – you should take around two minutes to do this. Taking your time here will allow the brush to work the soap deep into the skin allowing the soap to clean, exfoliate, and protect your face.

Do not build big globs of lather on your face. If you have lather on your face that does not come in contact with either your skin or bread it is wasted. The goal here is to have a nice even blanket of soap over the areas to be shave only thick enough to where it is opaque.

The true test of knowing whether you got a good lather and lather technique is if the need for other before and after shave products need be used. If you have a good lather you will have less need for these other products. If you are having problems getting a good lather you may also need pre-shave moisturizer and good aftershave. If you have all the necessary tools good soap and a good brush like mentioned above the only other thing you would want is to hope to have good warm water. Hard water may make it difficult to get a good lather.