Shaving Brushes

Who would have thought that shaving brushes were important enough to blog about. But if you know anything thing about straight razor shaving you will find that the way you lather your face before a shave is very important.

There is actually a great amount of history behind the shaving brush – about as mush as there is behind the straight razor itself seeing as there Shaving Brushwere no cans of shaving cream back when straight razors were first being used.

In the older days – before the time of standard shaving cream that could just be simply applied to the face. There were shaving brushes that lathered the soap and applied to your face. These shaving brush handles were made of many different materials like – metal or wood. But for those who wanted the finer things in life these handles were more like status symbols and were made of things like – porcelain, crystal, ivory, and for those who wanted the most exotic used petrified animals organs.

Just as the straight razor can be very expensive with the initial purchase of one costing anywhere from $100 to $2000 a shaving brush can also cost around $50 to $1000 initially. But the great news is just like your straight razor was a good investment that will yield its return over time so will your shaving brush.

Just imagine – most of us wake up every morning and shave – how much shaving cream we go through in a life time. Plus how many shaving cream cans end up in a land fill. Now think about how much shaving soap cost and how long they last. So making a good lather with a good shaving soap, brush, and mug will be more cost effective, better for the planet, and a good brush will help exfoliate your face. Leaving you with a good clean shaving experience.